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Anatomy of a Simple Marriage Ceremony

1.  Gathering Words/Introduction /Welcome
2.  Opening Comments/Prayer/Blessing
3.  Signing of Marriage License (can be done before)
4.  Words to Couple
5.  Vows
6.  Promises (I do)
7.  Candle Lighting
8. Closing Blessing/Poem/ Song
9.  Marriage Pronouncement (Kiss)
10.Presentation of the Couple (Mr & Mrs/Mr & Mr/ Mrs & Mrs)

Only numbers 3 & 9 are required, everything else is optional


The options are really unlimited but here are a few things 
that others have found meaningful:

Having friends and or family do a reading, sing, dance or play an instrument
Lighting an outdoor bonfire
Sprinkling of flower petals over the couple
Handfasting (Celtic Tradition)
Draping the couple with kente cloth/tartan/prayer cloth
Sand/Sugar Ceremonies
Wearing crowns/Garlands

Wine Ceremonies (also rum, whiskey, milk, etc)
Washing each others feet
Lighting of a Unity Candle
Lighting the Lamp of Knowledge
Stepping on a covered glass (lightbulb)
Encircling the couple with ribbons or a large rosary
Kissing the hem of each others clothes
Bowing/ gift presented to their parents
Reading letter of thanksgiving to their parents
Rose/Floral exchange
Flying a kite together
Dipping fingers into salt water, then sugar, and licking it off the others hand
Setting off fireworks (outside)
Presentation of bridal bouquet to special person or religious symbol
Setting doves free
Jumping the Broom
Writing their married name on paper and sending it aloft 

And many, many, many other variations